Sunday, April 8, 2012


This is Ladybug, she belongs to my sweet little Britt.  I was out in the yard with the camera a few months ago and she was so curious that she didn't mind the snapping of my camera at all.  (She is a pretty calm horse anyway).

I love how if you look into her eye you can see the shadow of her, and her eyelashes wow!  Britt keeps asking me to print this one for her and I keep forgetting.  Maybe I will get to it this week.

I like taking pictures of people but my favorite things to shoot are landscapes, flowers and animals (nature) because they are never worried about posing just right or if the smile was perfect or not.  I just shoot and I get amazing print worthy photos. (love that part)

Anyway, it had been forever since I posted on this blog so I thought I better get one up before all of my followers (all 3 of you) forgot who I was.  I am going to try a bit harder to post photos more often.

Grab your camera and go out and shoot something.  It is so relaxing.

Thanks for stopping by, please come back soon.

Happy Easter!

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