Saturday, January 5, 2013

Peaceful view

This photo has been hanging out inside my computer for a while now and every time I come across it, it stills my world.  Weird yeah maybe.

I took this picture quite some time ago while out taking pictures of Kash.  We were nearing the end of our shoot and I loved the view from this point.  The front porch of a very old house that has been since turned into a historical site with a museum full of amazing history.   Gilcrease museum.  The view from this front porch is breathtaking.   I fell in love and would absolutely love to live in this old house with its wonderfully perfect flower gardens.
I was using my small little point and shoot with the panorama setting. Nothing special just a quick shot so I can remember how pretty it is there. 
In the far left hand side you can spy Nikki sitting.  This picture looks just like something from along time ago. Back before any of us. When just sitting in the garden drinking sweet tea was the best form of entertainment.   Before all these computers and phones we are all so attached to. 

And if I hadn't been there to catch this view one might think she was sitting there reading a book waiting on a "gentleman caller" to come stroll through the garden with her.  But I was there and I know that she was in fact sitting there texting waiting for her niece to cooperate and get her picture taken.

I love this photo because like I said it stills my world and transports me to a time I never knew but sounds so amazing and simple.

Thanks Nikki for the memory.   It is one of the many everyday moments that makes up the wonderful (sometimes crazy) life I have. 

I know its cold here in Smalltown Oklahoma but get out there and turn ordinary days into forever memories.   And take a few spur of the moment photos to spark those memories later in life.
Thanks for reading.
Love you all
tammy c

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