Sunday, February 12, 2012

Moving on

I have been having some issues with the photos I post.  I cant see them.  No I am not blind.  The photo is there while I am creating my post, but the when I publish...its just not there.  Oh there is a spot that means there is a photo that should be there, but it never loads.  I have no idea what I have done differently than all the times before and I have changed it with different file formats a couple of times.  But still it will not load right.  So instead of stressing over the silly thing I am making myself move on and forget it.  If it loads for you wonderful, I hope you enjoy the pretty colors on that silly duck as much as I did.  If it wont...well welcome to my world and I am sorry you are having to miss it, he really was quite pretty (for a duck)  So I will be sifting through my photos again in the next day or two to figure out which story begs to be told.  Thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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