Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why do I do this anyway?

"This"  this what?  And why?  I ask myself this all the time, and I'm not sure I know the answer.  The photo is of my camera Stephen bought it for me for my birthday when the d60 was hot out of the factory.  I love taking pictures. That is what "this" is today and well the why...that's still got me a bit puzzled.   All I really know is I like to take them.  I like going back years later and sparking that memory trigger of the time and place.  Now the picture my be a silly little flower growing in the sidewalk crack, but what I will remember from that photo is a trip with my whole family(mom dad brother his family and my own) from the second we stepped onto the beach to the emergency trip to walmart before getting on the road to come home.  Most every picture I take is like that. I do enjoy taking posed photos for my dear family so they have their own memories but my favorites are the unplanned spur of the moment shots collecting on my phone, cameras, computer and of course my walls.  so the "this" I'm doing is collecting moments.  The "why" for now is for reflecting on when my girls bring their babies over I can say to their grandpa (it'll be fun to call Stephen that one day) "you remember when..."  to which he will undoubtedly answer with a "yup" or and "uh-huh"

Thanks for reading the crazy rambling
Until next time, have a great day

Go collect some memories to reflect on later :)


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