Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just an old building

I love this old building.  I don't just drive over to look at it or anything, but it isn't too far from home (about 30-45 minutes away) and we pass it every time we go to visit my mom and dad or when Britt has a softball game in the city a few miles east of here.  Every single time we pass it I mention how I want to take a picture of it and every single time I never have a camera or I don't get my phone out in time to snap the shot.

I can not even begin to explain why this is one of my favorite photos.  I mean look at it. The sun was well into the west making the front of this east facing building much too dark.  And I didn't even take it using my good camera, in fact I used the camera on my phone while riding on the back of a motorcycle so Heaven knows the set up and composition of the photo pretty much stinks.  But I love it nonetheless. 

I remember being a little girl when this building use to be home to some sort of discount grocery store.  I don't know if it was a discount store or if it was just a small store that had great sales but I do remember my momma and Nanny Fern driving over to stock up on the things they fed the family...potatoes, canned goods and such.  And when I say stocked up for the family I mean they almost always had a few people they were buying for too.  Then the store got a new building and this one has sat empty for who knows how long.  There is a sign on it now that says it is some roofing company and I am sure that is where all the little vent things came from that are all over the roof (part of the reason I love's different). 

I hope that soon I can get back over there on a quiet week day afternoon to take a few more shots of this neat old building, some close ups with my good camera and a better set up.  I'm afraid that before too long it is going to be gone.  It is very old and looks as if it will fall down any day if someone doesn't tear it down on purpose.

I know it is forever in between posts on this blog, so I am going to try to get into the swing of things and be a bit more frequent with  my posting.  Check back occasionally to see whats up.

Go out and enjoy the weekend.  Take your camera with you, you never know what will catch your eye!
Thanks for reading.
 Have a great day!


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