Sunday, December 25, 2011

Love his face

That's my guy :)
I know its only a profile shot with my phones built in camera and that I just took it the other day while out driving with Stephen, but it is already one of my favorites.  No cropping, no photo shop, just plain ol' Stephen. 
This is the first time in the 18 years that we have been together has he had this much hair on his face.  Back in November it was the thing to do "NO SHAVE NOVEMBER"  So seeing that he was home healing from surgery and couldn't work or volunteer at the FD he decided to participate in the crazy man trend.  At first I was ok with it, thinking that he has never really grown a beard so he will give in and shave before too long.  about mid way through, everyone was making comments (his momma HATES it) about "that mess on your face"  lol yep he'll be shaving any day we are December 25 (Merry Christmas)  and he still has this crazy full beard.  He says he likes it.  Me, I don't mind either way really, it tickles when I give him kisses and i cant even think of kissing him on the cheek (weird) I think it makes him look older and if I told him that he might just shave it, but anyway...
I love it how he never even gives my camera (no matter which one I use) a look.  Not even out of the corner of his eye do I even get a glance.  Now if i catch him off guard and have a great lens on I might get a smiling face shot, but most of the pictures of him are this type of strong, manly, stern, rigid look on his face...That is what I love about this photo...His face.  :)

Have a great day

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